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Bringing together mothers, carers, families, and birth attendants to prioritise future research in maternal and neonatal health in rural Uganda

The Maternal and Newborn health priority setting partnership in Uganda aims to bring together mothers and health workers with an interest in maternal and newborn health to develop locally driven joint priorities for future research in Uganda for the first-time.

Listening to the voices of the seldom-heard groups
Our surveys will be open to both mothers and carers, whose voices are seldom heard as well as the health workers to ensure equal voice. The steering group has both the public and health workers representation.

An inclusive list of partners

Our list of partner organisations includes professional organisations, local groups, and women groups to ensure the widest possible representation.

Building on previous work and experience
The Sanyu Africa Research Institute has been exploring ways of involving mothers and women in this region to design locally responsive interventions since 2012, which has finally culminated into a systematic James Lind Alliance methodology for setting research priorities locally.

Tried and tested methodology
The James Lind Alliance methodology has been used extensively for previous priority setting partnerships, and is well respected in the developed countries especially united kingdom, Canada. Though it is a new methodology in Uganda, The JLA chair have a demonstrated experience and will provide guidance across the priority setting process.

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