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Get Involved

Who can get involved?

This PSP is focussed on local rural women, their families, health workers and organisations relevant to them, whose voices are seldom heard. We would like individuals and organisations representing the following groups to get involved in the PSP:

  • Pregnant and postnatal mothers and their carers even if the pregnancy or birth had no complication
  • Mothers with history of maternal or neonatal complication and their carers/ mothers-in law, husbands, or friends
  • People who have interest in pregnancy and childbirth or can influence care given to the mothers including motorcyclists, religious leaders,
  • Medical doctors, midwives and other professionals with experience of maternal and neonatal health

It is important that all organisations that can reach and advocate for these groups become involved in the PSP and contribute equally. However, there are hardly such organisations that reach the seldom heard groups in Uganda. The steering group will instead encourage the research assistants to reach these groups in face to face data collection.

If you or your organisation would like to be involved, find out more here